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Do want to learn about Bitcoin? Check out our 6 tips!

Do want to learn about Bitcoin? Check out our 6 tips!

Bitcoin is still new for you? The term “cryptocurrency” is present in many discussions all over the internet, but few articles can be found that offer reliable and correct sources on the subject. If you want to dodge the misunderstandings and false information provided by dummies on this subject, we have compiled a list of great sources to learn more about Bitcoin.

In this article, you’ll see great options for:

  1. Movies
  2. YouTube Channels
  3. Dedicated lectures
  4. Blogs and websites
  5. Platform
  6. Books

1. Movies

To start off our list, nothing beats a documentary that portrays the creation of Bitcoin by its own creators. Currently on the Brazilian version of Netflix, “Bank or Bitcoin” by Christopher Cannuciari reveals the motives and intentions of the first users of the currency.

This documentary includes testimonials from some of the key founders, such as Charles Shrem and Eric Vorhees. As well as other successful companies, such as the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The brothers who claim to have participated in the creation of Facebook, which were denied by Mark Zuckerberg.

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin,” which aired in 2014, is yet another lengthy documentary that tells the story of a Pittsburgh programmer in the United States. Who had his entire professional career changed after becoming involved with a number of digital coins. The movie is available on iTunes or Vimeo.

The short film “Blockchain and Us” which is available on YouTube is another option for those who prefer something which is short and sweet. Although only 31 minutes long, it is full of information relevant to those who want to have a broader view about Bitcoin. The Manual Stagars movie features subtitles in Portuguese.

2. YouTube Channels

Fernando Ulrich is an economist and his channel is a big on YouTube in Brazil. On his channel, the entrepreneur discusses the origin of Bitcoin up until the recent unfoldings in the market of virtual currencies.

In addition to this, he details the technological advances that have modified the financial area today. For the crypto professionals the channel also provides complex content, like the mining of data.

Thus, the channel is a good option for both the curious beginners as well as more experienced entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge.

Technical analyst Rodrigo Cohen is a financial veteran, with almost two decades of services to the sector. Full-time trader since 2013, his channel covers all areas on cryptocurrencies.

The Cohen channel, provides knowledge all about establishing relationships between indicators, virtual currencies and the financial sphere as a whole. A great source indeed, offered by those who have been in the market since 2000.

3. Dedicated lectures

You can find many lectures on cryptocurrencies on YouTube. TED Talks, which offer videos featuring big names in their respective fields, have great editions dedicated to the discussion of Bitcoin.

Don Tapscott, a specialist in strategy and business intelligence, spoke on such a platform since he is a veteran of the financial industry and chose Bitcoin and the Cryptocoins as a subject for one of the talks. The video, from 2016, has more than one million and five hundred thousand views so far. Tapscott preferred to focus on how virtual currencies are changing the way we handle money.

However, other keynote speakers preferred to talk about how they used Bitcoin to enrich themselves. This is the case with Marco Streng, who stepped out of a middle-class background to one of the leading currency experts around the world.

Even top American television personalities, such as journalist and host John Oliver, devoted themselves to producing videos to discuss Bitcoin and the cryptocoin market in general.

In a video that already has more than nine million views, Oliver presents a detailed picture of that market – with some humour thrown in the mix.

4. Blogs and websites

A great option is the Bleutrade blog, a consolidated trade platform in the market. With easy to grasp and accessible content, the blog is dedicated to unraveling the beginnings of Bitcoin’s use. Without neglecting issues related to the currency’s current state and future.

In Portuguese, Block Cripto is a weekly program of Infomoney, a digital reference among financial and virtual currency enthusiasts. With the participation of Safiri Felix, the program consists of interviews with influential personalities in the Bitcoin market.

You can watch it live on Tuesdays at 2:20 pm on Infomoney TV. However, the good news is that the episodes are recorded so you can access them whenever you please.

5. Platform

With over 5 years of experience in the crypto market and around 250,000 users performing their transactions daily, the Bleutrade platform is a success story. Operating through an intuitive platform and a user-friendly interface. It is possible to perform trades automatically without the need for payment for the transaction.

This is achieved with the help of the AMI functionality, exclusive to Bleutrade, which allows the negotiations to be optimized, as if the user were using the services of a robot.
Moreover, the platform has a direct transfer system between partner exchanges. Thus, it is possible to make transfers between partners in a matter of seconds and without a payment fee.

6. Books

For many, books are still the most reliable way to gain knowledge. So, we end our list with some relevant titles from authors who have explored the vast universe of Bitcoin.

1. “Blockchain for Business: Promise, Practice and Application of New Internet Technology” by Mougayar William and Vivian Sbravatti

In this very important work, with translations for different languages, the authors explain what Blockchain is by means of diagrams, facilitating the understanding through visual stimuli. It is a book dedicated to people who are still somewhat confused about the best practices and the actual use of virtual currencies.

William and Vivian not only trace the origins of the cryptocurrencies, but also ponder the future of financial transactions and how Bitcoin has come to stay. This book is perfect if you are looking to start your studies and learn about Bitcoin and the general universe of virtual currencies, “Blockchain for Business” is a great start.

It uncovers the world of financial operations and still offers practical advice for use, both now and in the future.

2. “Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business and the World,” by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

We have already mentioned Don Tapscott’s talk, so the lost would not be complete if we did not mention his book. Here, he joins his son, Alex, another Bitcoin expert and cryptocurrency enthusiast since the emergence of this functionality in the business world.

The book stands out by presenting complex concepts in a simplified way. Showing in detail how the rise of technology has facilitated financial transactions for everyone.
The work serves to complete Tapscott’s unforgettable TED Talk and learn a more comprehensive and contextualized view of virtual currencies.

3. “Bitcoin: the currency in the digital age“, by Fernando Ulrich

Economist Fernando Ulrich, in addition to conducting his YouTube channel, is also the author of one of the most informative books on the digital currency market.

The difference is that the author explores the works of economists of the so-called Austrian School, led by Ludwig von Mises and expanded by names like Murray Rothbard, to refute the most common criticisms against Bitcoin one by one.

4. “The revolution of digital coins, Bitcoins and Altcoins”, by Tatiana Casseb B. M. Barbosa

Another good option for those who want to read content originally written in Portuguese. In this book, the author answers numerous questions about digital currencies.

It explains the general functioning of this market. As well as the notion of security of transactions performed with cryptocoins and their technological aspects. Tatiana invites the reader to draw her own conclusions about Bitcoin by contextualizing the main questions on the subject.

5. “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the open Blockchain“, by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Once you feel confident enough, it’s time to face something much more challenging. This book, from the prestigious publisher O’Reilly, brings all the technical fundamentals to mastering transactions with Bitcoin. But also offers more advanced information for developers and software engineers.

With a lot of emphasis on the most technical information on encryption and digital security, the work of the entrepreneur and expert Antonopoulos is a good addition to every Bitcoin enthusiast’s library.

With such a wide range of options to learn about Bitcoin, it does not matter if you are prefer complex readings, lighter movies or even platforms with broad credibility in the market. The true is there is always an option for you to conduct your studies and start operating with this fascinating virtual currency.

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