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How much is a Satoshi worth?

How much is a Satoshi worth?

Do you know how much a Satoshi is worth? Whether you want to buy Bitcoins or use them in transactions, you need to know. After all, it is an important unit of measure for cryptocurrency.

By the time this article is written, one Bitcoin will cost $ 7,350.00. This means that if you want to have a cryptocurrency unit in your wallet, you would need to shell out this amount.

Currently, Brazil has more than 1.4 million cryptos users. Do they all have over $ 7,000.00 to buy a Bitcoin? Probably not.

However, they may use cryptocurrency as it is divisible into many units, making it much more affordable. And that’s what we’ll talk about today.

In this article you will learn:

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What is a Satoshi?

Let’s start from the beginning. After all, to know how much a Satoshi is worth, you must first find out what a Satoshi is. For this we need to look first at the Real.

A current state currency, such as the Real, is divided into smaller units, the ‘centavos’. 100 centavos equals 1 Real. The same goes for the dollar and the euro (with regards to the cents).

The big difference is that Bitcoin, being fully digital, need not be limited to the units of measurement of other currencies. So it can be divided much more.

A Satoshi is the smallest unit of measurement of a Bitcoin, obtained after dividing the cryptocurrency 100 million times. It is therefore equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. That is: 100 million satoshis is equal to 1 Bitcoin.

How much is one Satoshi?

Now that we have defined what we are talking about, the time has come to clarify how much a Satoshi is worth. To reach the amount, simply make a simple account: the value of 1 Bitcoin multiplied by 0.00000001.

As Bitcoin is a currency of its own, we can only understand its value when compared to another. For example, how much is 1 dollar worth? Presently, it is worth R$ 4.21.

So let’s compare Bitcoin with Real. If so, how much is a satoshi worth? It’s simple: if 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $ 7350, then 1 Satoshi is worth $ 0.00007350 ($ 37,332.98 x 0.00000001).

Thus, it is a practically insignificant value. Much less than 1 cent of Real. This shows how affordable it is to buy Bitcoin: after all, your smallest unit of measure is very cheap.

How to convert satoshis, bitcoins and reais?

To get to the value of satoshi we discussed earlier that we need to use a little math to do this conversion.

If you plan to buy bitcoins or use currency to make purchases, you will do the conversion multiple times. It is therefore worthwhile to memorize the following conversion formulas.

From Satoshi to Bitcoin

The first formula you will need to memorize is the one that converts from satoshis to bitcoins. That is: it tells you exactly which fraction of BTC you will buy to have an amount satoshis.

Suppose you feel like buying 5,000 satoshis. Just apply this formula:

In the case of our example, 5,000 satoshis is the equivalent of 0.00005 BTC.

Bitcoin to Real

You now know that you will need to buy 0.00005 BTC to have 5,000 satoshis. But how much is it worth in Real? Just use this formula:

  • R$ = BTC Quantity x 1 BTC Price

In our example, it would be R$ 1,524974. That is, 5,000 satoshis equate to practically R$ 1.53.

From Real to Bitcoin

Now suppose you want to do the opposite. You don’t know how many satoshis you want, but you know you have $ 15,000 to convert to bitcoins. How much would that be?

The conversion formula is as follows:

  • BTC = Quantity of Reais / Price of 1 BTC

In our example, you would buy something close to 0.401789517 BTC. In satoshis, it would be something like 40,178,952 units.

What are the other units of measurement of Bitcoin?

Knowing how much Satoshi is worth is just part of the knowledge you need for buying bitcoins. There are still other units of measurement for cryptocurrency. The two most important are mBTC and µBTC.

The first one is called Milibitcoin and is obtained by dividing 1 Bitcoin into 1,000 pieces. The second is Microbitcoin and is obtained by dividing 1 Bitcoin into 1,000,000 pieces.

That is, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to:

The conversion formulas are the same, only exchanging satoshi proportionality for mBTC and µBTC proportionality.

How much is a Satoshi worth compared to currencies from other countries?

You already know how much a satoshi is worth in relation to the Real. However, one fact that may be surprising is that it has more value than the currency of some major countries.

In fact, the information is no longer surprising when we remember that Bitcoin has enormous resistance to inflation. As a result, it can maintain its value while other currencies suffer from hyperinflation in their countries.

An example of this is the Venezuelan Bolivar. Currently, 1 Satoshi equals 2.17 Venezuelan bolivars, showing how the country’s currency depreciated with hyperinflation that reached nearly 350,000% a year in February 2019.

Another country with currency worth less than satoshi is Iran. Each Iranian Rial is worth about 1/3 of 1 Satoshi. That is: it takes just over 3 rials to be able to buy 1 Satoshi. In Indonesia it is similar: the rupee is worth 0.7 satoshis.

A worse situation can be found in Vietnam. To buy 1 Satoshi, citizens there have to exchange 2.15 Vietnamese dongs.

Guinea, Sierra Leone, Laos and Uzbekistan have coins worth 1 Satoshi, which puts them in a better position than the other countries mentioned, but still with extremely undervalued money. No wonder that Bitcoin is banned in some of these countries.

Now that you know how much a Satoshi is worth, you are better prepared to buy Bitcoins. In addition, you can see in practice how cryptocurrency is protected against inflation by comparing it with money from other countries.

Curious about the name of Satoshi? Learn more about the creator of BTC in our special article on Satoshi Nakamoto!


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