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A timestamp is a sequence recording the exact date and time that an event occurred. It is used primarily in record keeping for auditing purposes, and is used in cryptocurrencies…

To the Moon

To the moon is a meme that has sprung up around cryptocurrencies meaning the price is reaching astronomical heights.


A token is an object that represents a right. Under this definition, Bitcoin can be considered a token (the right to transact on the Bitcoin blockchain). More commonly, tokens are…


TOR stands for “The Onion Router” and is an open source privacy network as well as a free web browser designed to protect users anonymity and resist censorship. Allowing them…

Total Coin Supply

For many cryptocurrencies, there is a limit on the total number of coins that will ever come into existence, for example, Bitcoin’s total supply is capped at 21 million coins.…

Trading Walls

When looking at the price book of an exchange it is also possible to see a graphical representation of the current order book. When there are a large number of…

Transaction Block

The Transaction Block is the block containing the transaction information. It is processed by miners to verify that the transaction is valid.

Transaction Fee

Most cryptocurrency networks charge a small fee for processing transactions, this is known as a transaction fee and it is included in the data block that makes up the transaction…

Transaction ID

The Transaction ID is an alphanumeric string that represents the details of a transaction (sending address, receiving address, amount, and date/time of transaction) on a blockchain.


The original cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Competes with the Ledger Nano S for the title of most popular hardware wallet.

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