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TA – Technical Analysis

TA is an acronym standing for Technical Analysis, or the analysis of asset price movements on a visually represented chart, using mathematically derived indicators that claim to predict future prices…


A way of linking addresses by tracking how a bitcoins move between addresses. Taint analysis can show where stolen bitcoins go and suggest that a set of addresses belong to…


A number that describes the current difficulty. For a block to be valid, the hash of its header must be smaller than the target.

Teacup Pig

Teeny, tiny, super cute pig. Never gets bigger than piglet size. This has no relevance to cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis

Refers to the process of examining current charts in order to predict which way the market will move next. It is usually used by day traders and swing traders. Technical…


A Testnet is a test blockchain created by developers to test changes without expending network resources on the main blockchain.


The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a decentralized venture capital fund that was created on the Ethereum blockchain with no conventional centralized management structure. It was the victim of…

The Flippening

The Flippening is a hypothetical future occurrence when the market cap of Ethereum exceeds that of Bitcoin, making it the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is possible to keep…

This is Gentlemen

“This is it, gentlemen”. Used to point out positive things that are currently happening in the cryptocurrency markets.


A ticker in cryptocurrency refers to the ticker symbol for each cryptocurrency, which is the shorthand notation used by the exchanges. For example, the ticker for Bitcoin is BTC, while…

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