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Recovery Phrase / Seed Keyword

A recovery phrase is a randomly generated series of 12, 18 or 24 words that can be used to restore a cryptocurrency wallet if it is somehow lost or inaccessible.

Recovery Phrase/Seed Keyword

Random 12, 18, 24 words that are used to derive numerous pairs of private and public keys. Using these seeds, you can restore your wallet in any other supported seed…

Reference Implementation

BitcoinQT (or bitcoind) is the most used full node implementation, so it is considered a reference for other implementations. If an alternative implementation is not compatible with BitcoinQT it may…


Rekt is the cryptocurrency slang term meaning “wrecked” and refers to a trader or account that has suffered huge losses due to falling prices.

Relaying Transactions

Connected Bitcoin nodes relay new transactions between each other on best effort basis in order to send them to the mining nodes. Some transactions may not be relayed by all…


A remailer is an email server that accepts an incoming message, strips away all the identifying header information, and then resends the email to a list of people. It is…


A sum of money being sent, usually internationally, as a payment or gift. Remittances have been increasingly important in small developing countries. In some countries remittances exceed charitable aid, and…

Reorg, Reorganization

An event in the node when one or more blocks in the main chain become orphaned. Usually, newly received blocks are extending existing main chain. Sometimes (4-6 times a week)…

Reversal Graph Pattern

A reversal graph pattern on a price chart indicates that the current price trend is going to reverse, turning a bull market into a bear market or vice versa. When…

Reverse Indicator

A cryptocurrency traders term that is used to describe a trader who is always wrong in predicting price movements.

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