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Medium of Exchange

Any instrument that is used to conduct trade is considered a medium of exchange. Most commonly that is fiat currencies, but it can also be cryptocurrencies and precious metals among…


Memory pool, files with data about valid transactions that are not included into the block as they are unconfirmed.

Merkle Root

The single hash at the bottom (or top) of a Merkle tree is called the Merkle root. No value in the Merkle tree can be changed without also changing this…

Merkle Trees

Each block in the bitcoin blockchain contains a summary of all the transactions in the block, using a Merkle tree. A Merkle tree, also known as a binary hash tree,…


MEW is an acronym for MyEtherWallet, a free Ethereum software wallet that can store all ERC-20 coins and is ideal for collecting airdropped coins based on the ERC-20 protocol.

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