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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu dog from the famous “Doge” internet meme. This is one of the top altcoins.

Double Bottom Pattern

A double bottom pattern is formed on a chart of prices when the price comes down to test a previous level of support. On the chart it appears as two…

Double Spend

The spending of a single token (a Bitcoin for example) twice in order to fraudulently get goods or services without paying for them. This is possible because digital information can…

Double Top Pattern

A double top is a reversal pattern that forms when price rises to test an upper resistance level twice before reversing and heading lower. The pattern looks like two hills…

Double-Spend Problem

Double-spending is a potential flaw in a digital cash scheme in which the same single digital token can be spent more than once. This is possible because a digital token…

Double-spent attack

Double-spent attack is an attack when the same coins are used in more than one transaction.

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