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Bubbles in the financial world are the product of speculative investing, where traders begin buying with no regard to fundamentals, driving prices ever higher as if filling a balloon. Once…


A person optimistic about Bitcoin.

Bull Trap

A bull trap is a situation in a financial market where a trader or group of traders buy heavily, giving the illusion that a bull market is occurring in that…


Aggressively confident and self-assertive trader that buys with an expectation that price is going to increase. Bulls look for cryptocurrencies that are ready to take off, due to fundamental factors…


An agreement that resulted in the creation of the stock market on Wall Street in 1792. More recently, it refers to attempts to create an open-air market for Bitcoin.

Buy Order

A buy order is placed when a trader approaches an exchange with the intent to buy a certain asset. There are several types of buy orders, with the simplest being…

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