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Direct Transfer on Bleutrade. Form part of the family right now

Direct Transfer on Bleutrade. Form part of the family right now

Together, we achieve more! As most of you know, Bleutrade forms part of the Bleu Digital Enterprises group. Within this group, there are 2 other partner exchanges, Bitrecife and EXC Cripto.

direct transfer

Bleutrade, together with Bitrecife and EXC Cripto, were able to create an opportunity for all of its users to benefit from. Therefore, Bleutrade is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the Direct Transfer service. This service has been present for quite some time now and has obviously made its way through to the new and updated platform which was launched a couple of days ago.  Although we have included a number of new features, Direct Transfers offers an efficient and effective way method to transfer assets which had to be included into the new platform.

What is Direct Transfer and how to use it

The idea behind the Direct Transfer service is simple, to create a more efficient manner for our users of transferring assets from Bleutrade to the other two partner exchanges mentioned before. The main objective is to create an excellent service to every Bleutradian.

direct transfer step by step

More for you

There are three main benefits related to Direct Transfers. Firstly, the service is incredibly intuitive, and easy to use with the sole objective of facilitating transfer exchanges between our partner exchanges. Ever wanted to transfer funds with zero expenses?

Well, Direct Transfers allows you to do just that. When using this service, users incur zero fees when transferring between these previously mentioned exchanges which leads to a more affordable service.

Time efficiency is key in this industry. Which brings us to the final advantage. These transfers take only a few minutes to be executed.

This is just another reason why you should join Bleutrade. Apart from all the new perks that the recent platform has provided, some of our beloved functions are now stronger than ever and the Direct Transfer is no exception.


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