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What can you buy with Bitcoins? So many things to buy with Bitcoin

What can you buy with Bitcoins? So many things to buy with Bitcoin

Have you ever thought what can you buy with Bitcoins? The cryptocurrency world has been growing rapidly during the past few years. Before Bitcoin was just a virtual currency, which was a little difficult to see beyond a kind of investment.

Nowadays it is possible to buy almost anything with Bitcoins. Both tangible goods and intangible services from all around the world. These new possibilities have all been made possible due to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becoming a safer means of payment which people can count on.

Furthermore, this could also extend to the effective solution of also being integrated into the credit and debit card service.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of 6 items of consumption. These items you can purchase via Bitcoin which already exist in Brazil and in other areas of the world:

  1. Food;
  2. Transportation services;
  3. Donations;
  4. Tourism services;
  5. Payment for universities;
  6. Technological items;.

1. Food

One of the most common purchases that  you can buy using Bitcoin is food. In fact the first ever recorded item that had been purchased with this crypto was a pizza. The notion of being able to buy food is quite obvious as it is one of the basic needs that the human body requires.

After all, who does not need to shop at the supermarket, go out for dinner or have coffee to unwind?

There are already several restaurants in Brazil and around the world that accept this means of payment. This option brings more convenience to the establishments’ customers.

Some of the establishments that are currently adopting this method of payment include some: Subway restaurants in the US, some Burger King establishments  in Moscow, one particular shop in São Paulo called The Brownie Shop and Tartuferia San Paolo.

Furthermore, you can pay for a beer at Bar do Beto in Rio. Lastly, it is possible to eat a hamburger in Curitiba and pay with Bitcoins in the Trapista Hamburgueria and Brewery.

2. Transport services

Moving onto the transportation service market, there are several possibilities to using cryptocurrencies. From buying your own private dream car to purchasing delivery services. Cryptocurrencies are present in numerous establishments which are often a necessity in our everyday lives.

Let’s start off with Tesla, the American company of Elon Musk that produces high performance electric cars. From an innovation point of view, the company has already adopted the use of Bitcoins as a form of payment for the purchase of some of its models.

Another example is in Argentina. Global Vip, which offers transfers within the country itself. It also accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment. In Brazil, Rampoldi & Marques offer the shuttle service and also accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for some of their services.

This leads to a more simplified manner of living for those who work in the logistics department.  They need to plan a trip or wants to make a purchase with great value. Imagine being able to finalize the purchase of your car at the touch of a few buttons from your wallet?

3. Donations

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies themselves are not only opening paths in the scenario of consumer goods and services. They are also making it easier for people to make donations in a much simpler way.

We know that there are many NGOs that need help. And, in times of shortages of conventional money, getting more and more donors is a daily struggle. So why not make it easier with Bitcoin?

Since 2014, the NGO Save the Children – which fights for the rights of children – provides the option of donating through Bitcoins.

In fact,  it is not only possible to make donations for social causes with Bitcoin.  Wikipedia, which acts as a great free online encyclopedia, also accepts donations via Bitcoins to stay active.

4. Tourism services

Obviously the tourism market, which moves a lot of money in the world, could not be left out of the possibility of receiving Bitcoin as a means of payment. Offering more payment options for customers is always beneficial.

So there are plenty of examples including hotels, holiday agencies and other players in this market. They have already understood that Bitcoin can be a great ally and have started to look for ways to get tourists  to pay through the cryptocurrency.

For example, Expedia, which is one of the largest travel sites in the world mediates with hotels in the four corners of the globe. Expedia offers customers the options to find a car hire in Bitcoin from the comfort of your home at the best prices.

We emphasize here that the fact that Expedia works online, makes it much easier to offer this possibility.

In the world of travel agencies, BtcTrip, an agency that works exclusively with Bitcoins was also a pioneer in  using cryptocoins. It is betting on the cryptocurrency to move the tourism market, acting strongly to be a great reference in the subject.

In Brazil, examples of accommodations that accept Bitcoin and other crypto as a form of payment are not lacking either. As example we can say Kyrios on the beach of Maresias in Rio de Janeiro and Giramondo Hostel that is in the city of São Paulo.

5. Payment for universities

The education market has also joined Bitcoin, bringing this alternative to its students and making it even easier for them to have access to quality education. A number of universities (or other educational centers, such as regular schools, language schools or institutions of free courses) accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The University of Lucerne, in Switzerland, already accepts Bitcoin as payment for its monthly fees. In the United States, California, Draper University also works along the same lines. It is likely that many other universities in Brazil and the world will adopt the cryptocurrency very soon. Such an attitude would simplify and make life easier for students or caregivers.

The use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment can also be a great opportunity to be used when offer the service of Distance Learning. With the growth of this particular service- which serves as a great example of flexibilization and democratization of education – the trend is that payment through cryptocurrency will be activated in the near future.

Some platforms or applications that assist in intermediation with universities, schools or language centers. For example, can also adopt this strategy and make it even more practical to pay tuition, tuition fees or purchase materials.

6. Technological items

Obviously, the technology market in general could not be left out since it is the area that has a greater affinity with Bitcoins. In fact, we live in a scenario in which the list of services and technological applications that can be paid with cryptocurrencies only increases exponentially.

Everyday something new is invented, which shows that this perspective really goes a long way and it is difficult to find an endpoint. From time to time new players in the market come up with the proposal to accept Bitcoins for the payment of their services. The old ones have already begun to join because they understand that they can not be left out.

For example, the financial data specialist Bloomberg.com has accepted Bitcoins as payment to its subscribers for some time. That is, their clients can pay for the use of their platform without using a credit card.

Another great example is Microsoft which requires no introduction. Microsoft has already accepted the cryptocurrency in its virtual store. Where you can purchase apps, music, Xbox games and other products.

In Brazil there are also examples of this synergy between cryptocurrencies and technological applications. One of them is the Warp that allows any Brazilian shopkeeper to receive their sales in cryptocurrency. Cool huh?

It is vital to note that in Brazil, initiatives such as this one are not too common to be adopted. This is because there is still a certain resistance when using crypto. But the good thing is that today we are discussing more about the importance of joining this market, as well as using blockchain technology!

Obviously there are more examples of things you can buy with Bitcoins. But you have already realized that we can reach a level where it will be possible to have a much easier and safer life with the use of crypto, right?

If you have an interest in the subject, continue researching. And keep up with the pace of this market and be part of it, since clearly this will be our future!

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