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Buy and Sell Bitcoin. Know how to buy and sell Bitcoin

Buy and Sell Bitcoin. Know how to buy and sell Bitcoin

Buying and selling Bitcoin sometimes may seems as not a simple process for those just getting started in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.But here we are going to help you the best way to buy and sell bitcoin.

In addition to grasping the main concepts of cryptocurrency & Bitcoin, it is important to understand how market negotiation and security rules affect your ability to buy and sell Bitcoin.

We have developed this article with tips to help you understand how markets function, their main risks and trends, technological innovations, liquidity issues, and other aspects relevant to those looking to trade cryptocurrency.

In this post you will learn:

1. Fundamental Terms
2. Negotiation rules
3. The Bitcoin trade process
4. The Cryptocurrency Markets
5. Volatility of currencies
6. Main rules for trading
7. The Bitcoin Wallet
8. The Price of bitcoin
9. Risks of buying and selling bitcoin

1. Fundamental Terms

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem involves technical terms and expressions that you may not be familiar with. Here are some of these terms and a brief summary of each one

Let’s learn a little bit more before buy and sell bitcoin.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, created in 2009. The term, with “B” in lowercase (bitcoin), represents Bitcoins currency.

When the term begins with a capital letter (Bitcoin), it represents the protocol developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.


A registration technology with decentralization of information as a security measure.


Abbreviation used by exchanges to indicate the currency unit of Bitcoin.


Places where negotiations and trades of cryptocurrencies are realized. Here it is possible to trade bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies.


Ability to buy or sell an asset easily, even in high amounts without adversely affecting price.


Process by which new bitcoins are created.

Transaction fee

A fee is charged to users when sending bitcoin. This fee is an incentive for miners to process the transaction without delay.


Movement of price of a financial asset over a given period of time.

In addition to these terms, several other concepts exist within this topic. But to get started, these expressions and terms will help us understand the fundamentals of buying and selling bitcoin.

2. Negotiation Rules

After better understanding the aforementioned terms, the next step is to get yourself familiar with the primary rules of trading cryptocurrency. In this regard, we list a few tips from our experts for those who are looking to make their first trades (buy and sell bitcoin):

  • Keep calm, do not allow yourself to get emotional when trading cryptocurrency. Mistakes most often happen when your mind is clouded by excitement or fear of missing out on a trade.
  • Do not believe everything you read on websites and on blogs. Rumors can be a great opportunity, but not without researching the asset in question, its economic fundamentals, underlying technology and market movements.
  • Market trends help you understand which movement can be adopted by the user. If a trend is unfavorable, know how to act intelligently and with caution.
  • Investigate and take note how experienced users act during bear and bull market periods. Rules of investment and logic of trading cryptocurrencies follow the same logic of the worlds economic markets.

3.The Bitcoin trade process

Trading bitcoin is the exchange of any currency for bitcoin, much in the same way as is done on Forex, also known as the foreign exchange.
During trades, parties interested in buying and selling bitcoin come together on online platforms, also referred to as exchanges, exchange houses and brokerages.

On these platforms, the whole process of negotiation takes place, and when two parties, a buyer and a seller arrive at a price consensus, an exchange is executed instantaneously and completely anonymously. Although users do not know who they trade with, the exchanges hold this information.

In practice, these trades works similarly to the stock market and the buying and selling of fiat currency. Because of this, users should seek reliable platforms to ensure the proper execution of their trades and security of funds held.

These exchanges are not only for exchanging of currencies, but also for creating an online community of like-minded individuals helping newcomers get better oriented in the world of cryptocurrency. This confirms the need to seek a solid and reliable exchange platform, which guarantees the success of the entire negotiation process.

If you want to start trading, find a reliable exchange and start trading.

4. The Cryptocurrency Markets

Another important aspect when buying and selling bitcoin is market research. Unlike traditional currencies known as fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any particular bank, firm, institution or regulatory body.

Therefore, the global market of supply and demand of the currency is what determines its price. Due to this, it is vital to constantly research information, mainly because of the high volatility of these currencies.

5.Volatility of Cryptocurrencies

In the financial market, volatility is known as a risk measure. It points to the variation of a currency in a given period of time. If this asset varies greatly over a short period, the risks of gaining or losing money by trading that particular asset are greater.

High volatility is one of the main characteristics of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When it was created, one bitcoin was worth less than one dollar and, over the years, came to be worth more than nineteen thousand dollars at its peak. The maximum price of Bitcoin reached 19,666 as of December 16, 2007, a historic milestone.

In one day, you may come across a variation of 5% or more, so when you decide to buy bitcoin be ready to accept substantial risks.

However, it is important to point out that, just as the possibility of loss exists, the possibilities of gains are equally significant.

6. Main rules of trading

As we mentioned earlier, before starting to trade with bitcoin it is recommended that the user understands the essential rules of the market.

In addition to understanding these concepts, you need to be aware of the particularities of this modality of buying and selling currency and information that will directly impact your pocket.

For example, one of the rules of bitcoin is that exchanges of this type of currency have no downtime or geographical barriers. This means that it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency at any time and from any place in the world. Cool, isn’t it?

7.The Bitcoin Wallet

The bitcoin wallet is an essential aspect of the buying and selling process and should be greatly considered and studied by the user.

It’s main objective is to store money, just like an ordinary tangible wallet. Only difference is that you store digital currency in it instead of physical banknotes and coins.

Thus, its basic function is the storage and transfer of bitcoin by its owner when desired. They offer the ability to send and receive transaction values made by the Bitcoin network.

The storage takes place through encrypted digital keys, with sole purpose of allowing access to the public bitcoins addresses and the signing of transactions.

Currently, there are several types of bitcoin wallets, which brings versatility to users. One may choose from options such as a mobile wallet, desktop, online, hardware and even a wallet printed on physical medium most commonly referred to as a paper wallet.

8. The Price of bitcoin

As we have mentioned, cryptocurrency undergoes significant changes in value, mainly because of its high volatility and the direct dependence of supply and demand.

Thus, it is important for the user to be aware of the current price of bitcoin and remember to take this factor into consideration when deciding to deal in cryptocurrency.

When large companies advertise, for example, about the acceptance of payments in bitcoin, it is common that currency appreciation occurs. This happens because of the increase in people looking to obtain bitcoin.

Another factor that may affect the price of bitcoin are technological innovations. In this sense, if upgrades are made to the Bitcoin blockchain which in turn makes bitcoin more modern or usable, it is natural to observe a rise in value.

9. Risks of buying and selling bitcoin

Before you put into practice all your knowledge gained about the market and the characteristics that involve Bitcoin. It is important that you also be aware of risks linked to the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency.

So be sure to look up information on the internet, access articles written by experts in the field, visit blogs and follow news about finance. And be aware of the risks and benefits of this type of trading.

Conclusion on how to buy and sell Bitcoin

As you can see throughout this article, the purchase and sale of bitcoins is a practice that has expanded over the past decade, which points to the appreciation of bitcoin and the growing interest in this market.

If you want to become a part of this innovation called cryptocurrency and want to buy and sell bitcoin, remember to research information on the internet, be attentive to news about cryptocurrency while you look for serious companies that offer the necessary security to carry out the process of trade and safe keeping.

Did you enjoy this read? Was our article enlightening for you?

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