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Blockchain smartphone models – which one should you choose?

Blockchain smartphone models – which one should you choose?

For those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, two things cannot be missing from their routine: the agility in analyzing data and indicators on possible new investments, and the guaranteed security of their portfolio.

Well, a smartphone with Blockchain can cover these two requirements actually quite easily. Some leading companies in the market have already realized this. They are offering specialized models for those who want to step up their investment game. Let’s check them out!

In this article we will discuss:

  1. What are Blockchain smartphones?
  2. How do they differ from other models?
  3. Who is this type of smartphone recommended for?
  4. What are the main models currently available?
  5. Is it really worth investing in a smartphone with Blockchain?


What are Blockchain smartphones?

Smartphones are already consolidating themselves as the personal computers of the general public. They are replacing desktops and notebooks partially – or even totally – in daily use to access information.

This is also true for investments. With the speed at which the market moves, having information on fluctuations and trends in real time is very important to maximize gains. Now, can you think of a small device, which fits right in your pocket and can be used to access a wild array of information at any possible time? It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that smartphones and crypto-trading go hand-in-hand.

But if these devices provide a constant connection to analyze information and make decisions, they also have their vulnerabilities. Cell phones can be lost or stolen easily. Not to mention the possibility of running malicious code on the system without even realizing it.

Hence, leading companies in the smartphone sector are betting on specialized models, called smartphones with Blockchain. The idea is to reinforce the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of the platform for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies from the mobile environment.

How do they differ from other models?

What makes a smartphone specialize in Blockchain management and cryptocurrency investment is a mix of both hardware and software features.

Each of these devices will offer different specifications ranging from technologies to target audience. In general, all of these models have some fundamental characteristics.

More security

The main focus of these phones is security. In addition to some specific software and more restricted management for the installation and use of third party apps, a wallet built into the hardware can be found.

How does it work tho? You get a kind of virtual safe, where information is stored in a system separate from the main one (in these cases, Android), without a direct connection to the internet.

This ‘safe’ can serve as a wallet and is widely used to store private keys, which are protected by an extremely secure interface which bridges this data with other applications on the phone. It is such a secure system that it can even be used to store passwords, card numbers, and other sensitive information.

Better access to dapps

Decentralized applications, or dapps, are very much used in Blockchain for offering an autonomous peer-to-peer connection which is independent of central regulators.

Generally, those who are going to invest in cryptocurrencies can install them on their smartphone. Blockchain models, however, already come with this feature enabled. The advantage here is that apps that come from the ‘factory’ have their origin and security guaranteed. And no risk of any malicious code infiltrating your search for dapps.

They also already have a built-in interface for communicating with your wallet at the hardware level that we mentioned above. With dapps, you have more options for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, sharing information anonymously and confidentially, as well as storing non-fungible tokens.

Higher performance

And of course, if you’re looking for agility, you’re looking for better performance. A cellphone focused on investing in cryptocurrencies and using Blockchain needs to give instant access to information and the ability to react quickly to certain volatilities.

That’s why Blockchain smartphones today are at the forefront of technology. They are cutting edge models that mainly offer high-performance processors. Faster speed time means more time for you to react accordingly!

Who is this type of smartphone recommended for?

High-end cell phones are generally recommended for professionals working in extremely competitive corporate environments. After all, they provide the mobility, flexibility, performance, and agility that these positions require.

A smartphone with Blockchain combines these general characteristics with a specific investor profile, the most courageous type of investor. Who likes to invest far beyond the traditional financial market.

Those who are already present and trade in this field know that there is only risk for those who do not seek information. Therefore, the tip is to follow the market daily through news, trends, graphs and forecasts.

It is also necessary to recognize the right time to make a decision. The person has to be able to react and carry out transactions in seconds after becoming aware of some information that has serious repercussions for the market.

Blockchain smartphones were designed to address this need. Deliver mobility and performance with the necessary security for investors in cryptocurrencies and other highly dynamic markets.


What are the main models currently available?

Many companies in the industry are likely to offer their special models in the coming years, but there are some market leaders and disruptive manufacturers that already offer smartphones with Blockchain technology. The following are the three most notable examples and why they can be considered as such.

Finney (Sirin Labs)

Let’s start with the model that has been attracting attention in the market the most. Even if the company responsible is not as well known as some of the others. What makes Sirin Labs’ device so attractive in this sector is its complete focus on security.

In addition to the features expected on a high-end mobile phone, Finney was designed around this built-in wallet functionality for cryptocurrencies – including a company-exclusive payment method, with its SRN tokens.

At the software level, the company went above and beyond as it created its own version of operating system, SIRIN OS. It is derived from Android but built to be more secure and controlled. The company was so successful that the OS received a security certification from Google itself.

Another innovative data protection feature is its machine learning-based cybersecurity functionality that learns your usage habits and distrusts any changes in patterns that could be a potential risk.


Galaxy S10 (Samsung)

Samsung, the world leader in smartphone sales, has not yet created an exclusive model for cryptocurrency investors. But has made a point of turning its flagship, the Galaxy S10, into a Blockchain-ready device.

This device comes with some incredible features with the latest specifications together with some new features that other models do not have which are related to blockchain technology.

Like the other examples mentioned before. It has a built-in wallet with a high level of security and also offers access to dapps by the Samsung Galaxy Store that has peer-to-peer applications certified by the company.

Apparently, Samsung will focus on a particular model, the Klatynphone: a model derived from the Note S10 (a corporate variant of the segment) that promises to be more Blockchain friendly.

Exodus 1 (HTC)

HTC is another market giant that has also created such a device which focuses on Blockchain. The Exodus 1 has its own new technology for its built-in wallet called Zion, which they call “hardware cryptocurrency wallet”. This is separate from the operating system, with strict access control and cutting edge technology for information security.

Thus, any third party application is prevented, even social media platforms, from being in any way a risk to your information. Furthermore,  in the event of loss or theft, it is impossible to access this data without the consent of the device owner.

HTC is focusing so much on Blockchain that its Exodus 1 can be purchased in dollars or cryptocurrencies – currently, you can purchase one for 0.15 bitcoins or 4.78 ether tokens.


Is it really worth investing in a smartphone with Blockchain?

If you fit the kind of profile we mentioned earlier, and interested in the models listed above, it may be time to upgrade your cell phone for a specialized model. The advantage of such a device is that it combines the needs of a highly demanding corporate environment with flexibility in everyday use and none of this interferes with the security of your data.

Thus, it is an effective way to combine work and leisure using only one device. Investors and traders who are after a good quality of life, efficient schedule organization while still having total control over their finances, should definitely consider purchasing such a phone.

Of course, these phones are anything but cheap and cannot be easily bought. For example, in Brazil, only the Samsung Galaxy S10 is officially distributed. However,  one should expect that these models gain popularity and other competitors follow the bandwagon and create superior options.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you simply cannot just wait and follow the herd. Once must be proactive by DYOR while making the right decisions before others. If you like this dynamic and want to boost your income, the Blockchain smartphone can be a great addition to your tool-kit.

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