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An updated Bleutrade trading experience

An updated Bleutrade trading experience

A new shade of Bleu

Bleutrade, as a company, has always motivated itself to work harder by focusing on change. Change is the only constant and therefore we have always worked hard on changing and enhancing our services to better aid our users.

During the last few months, our team has been working tirelessly to bring our users an all new trading experience. We made sure to listen carefully to all our users experiences, both negative and positive, with our previous website and platform in order to exceed expectations with our new project.

We are now happy to announce that the the new Bleutrade exchange platform and website are now live and active. The new platform is faster and more secure than ever before. The technical and marketing team made sure to include all the core competencies that our loyal users liked in the previous platform while introducing new features to enhance and facilitate the user experience.


– Platform Preview without a Login to allow new interested users to grasp the wondrous and exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

– Using innovative and highly improved security measures without using Captcha to provide a secure exchange platform.


– More speed and usability improvements on the platform to offer users the optimal crypto place to trade

Dark and Light Theme can be chosen by the users. The point is to enhance the notion of being able to customise the site according to the users’ preferred likes


light mode

– New trade functionalities such as the AMI order which let’s users trade like a robot without being one together with a stop limit order.


spto limit

Responsive Design to better respond to the users’ behaviour and environments based on screen size, platform and orientation

Direct transfer when transferring between our sister companies which leads to less fees and more time efficiency.

direct transfer

We are very excited for our users to plunge into the new user experience and we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from our users.

Check out the new platform and let us know your thoughts about the new design.

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