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AMI Order. Trade now with 0% Fee using our exclusive Auto Maker Invertible system

AMI Order. Trade now with 0% Fee using our exclusive Auto Maker Invertible system

Ami order, choosing the best. When it comes to choosing the right crytpo exchange platform, one must make sure to research thoroughly before signing up with any. With a vast number of platforms opening up everyday, one may easily get lost and find it difficult to pinpoint the differences since most offer the same service.

This is where Bleutrade comes in as we offer specific services that are exclusive to Bleutradians.

AMI Order – choosing the best


1. Bleutrade to the rescue

A particular issue that most users have was the need to always be online to trade as you never

know when the optimal time to exchange will take place. Unfortunately, for some users, it is not always easy to be continuously online. In order to aid our customers trade effectively and when it truly matters, Bleutrade developed an exclusive system just for Bleutradians.

2. An exclusive system

The Auto Maker Invertible (AMI) System is an exclusive program that automates trades. Think of AMI as the ultimate method to trade efficiently, almost like a robot, without being one. The main function is to order to buy and sell simultaneously when the price reaches a particular amount. When working on our new platform, we were sure to include this service in the updated version.

3. How does it work?

Let us take a look at how this functions. There are 3 basic scenarios;

  • Purchase – here you can set and adjust the value of a desired currency that you wish to buy
  • Sell – here you can set and change the value of a particular coin that you wish to sell
  • Spread – this part allows you to check how much you will earn by finding the difference between the purchase and the sale

ami orders

  1. Choose the quantity desired for the cryptocurrency of your choice
  2. Enter the buying price of the currency here. We highly suggest that you check the order book first in order to ensure that there is at least a desirable variation of 10 satoshis between the buy/sell value and vice versa.
  3. Enter the selling price that you wish to sell that coin at. Again, we suggest that you double check with the order book before setting the price to make sure that a positive difference of a minimum of – satoshis is present between the buy/sell value and vice versa.
  4. This shows the quantity multiplied by the ‘Buying Price’ or the ‘Selling Price’ which shows the total value. It is vital to check that you have enough balance to execute the transaction.
  5. Choose the percentage options to facilitate the input of the sum of your current balance or else do it manually.
  6. Make sure that all the details are entered correctly and then hit ‘BUY’ or ‘SELL’ to proceed.
  7. This shows the amount of available balance you have.

The above 7 steps can be applied to the ‘SELL SMART’ section accordingly.

Please note that there is a greater probability to gain if the market is lateralized. This means that if the market is lateralized, your AMIs are more likely run frequently.

Easy, right? The AMI order reaps numerous benefits. Users are free to make as many and whatever orders as they desire while having a 0% fee on makers orders.

Apart from being a highly sought after tool by market makers, the AMI is a great asset to have in order for Bleutrade’s users to continuously gain. Furthermore, it is important to note that orders are executed instantly so the AMI is incredibly time efficient.


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